Where I’m coming from

Because we all know I did not spring into being in college… Ah those formative years

In the beginning… I lived from Conception (Ocean City Baby!) to Puberty in Maryland where I developed a love for music, fantasy books and my very own Star Wars related ritual. I believe that Groundhog's day is silly but every year before school started I would watch all 3 of the original Star Wars movie so I would have a good year. I was proudly sent through the public school system starting at Woodsboro Elementary, moving to Walkersville Middle and finally arriving at Walkersville High school where my teenage spirit was crushed and I learned how to be a terrible self-centered person. Fortunately, puberty passes. My only jobs during these precious childhood years were to avoid as much trouble as possible and be a Docent (fancy English for "tour guide") at the Frederick County Historical Society. And now I know that in a Colonial Home, closets were considered rooms and make-up was made of wax.

My senior year of high school, I was moved to Salem, Alabama. I swear it wasn't to get in state tuition. I ended my high school career at Glenwood School INC and earned money by broadening my theater background and cleaning house. I quickly found out that it's not smart to flirt with boys on stilts and breaking vaccuums is not a good quality in a housekeeper.

I left all of that behind when I attended Auburn University where I learned things I'm not going to share and did things my mother isn't proud of. I enjoyed a varied professional life. First I worked my way up the Housing and Residence Life's career ladder. After I realized that living at your work was a bad idea, I took a job at the Foy Student Union where I found out there are stupid questions and they usually come up around 3 AM. Years of college life taught me tha I am a football fan and got me to, finally, move away from theater in my senior year of college. After obtaining my marketing degree in 2003, I did what every 22 year old college graduate should do. I traveled down the wrong path. I took up a job cocktail waitressing which lead to bartending. Oddly bartending lead to actual waitressing (or serving for those who like a unisex title) and being known in odd circles as that girl who made my martini dirty. After a few too many beer bottle cuts and an unfortunate incident where I accidently drank windex, I realized that I had more to offer than my shot making abilities. Though they are impressive.

In 2005 I joined the Creative Circus where I hope to learn. What I will leave up to the professionals. 


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  1. Mario Campuzano said,

    Liz, I must tell you that I really enjoyed going through your website and learning many interesting things about you. You definitely have the talent and energy to make it big. Someone’s biggest achievement in this industry will be giving you that opportunity. Thanks for sharing.


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