I'm an interesting person and my interests might interest you.

I love to read. So much that I would never insult the literary world by writing my own book. Besides all of my best ideas have already been done. In fact, I feel like my very life has been written by Janet Evanovich. I give out copies of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett to all of my friends and coworkers in crisis. And I constantly tell people that wanna be princesses carrying swords should learn from Patricia Wrene's Dealing with Dragons starting at an early age. But to be honest with you, I know that all the answers to life come from The Phantom Tollbooth. To any disbelievers, try reading now and see if you don't find some overlooked wisdom in it's pages.

My interests outside of books isn't as detailed but here is a quick glance at my me.

My favorite movie and board game is Clue, because a good ending is great. But a bunch of good endings is fantastic.

My favorite song is These are the Days by Ten Thousand Maniacs because never before and never since, I promise, will the whole world be warm as this.

The first website I ever bookmarked with The 3 Monkey website which I found when I searched for goats back when internet was a tricky place.

Finally, if I was any kind of candy I would be a Riesen. A true example of Chocolate and Caramel goodness. On a more metaphysical level – I'd be a little sweet but a bit of hard work. Chew on that.



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