December 10, 2012

A Quick Christmas-y Thought

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Of all of the many many ways I’ve spent (and wasted) my money. I have never regretted spending money on a Kickstarter project. I generally feel passionate about whatever I’m giving money to. I’m always wildly impressed by what these entrepreneur accomplish. And I always excited to see something that I contributed to come to life.

Just a thought for this Christmas – give a gift to everyone and help fund a project!


February 15, 2012

Posts are a comin’

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Really – at some point, I will get around to writing about my trip to LA…. I don’t have much of an excuse for not posting anything. My luggage is unpacked, I’m fully rested and my cat has gone back to her usual state of happily ignoring me… I’ve just kept putting it off. Mostly because I used 2 camera, so my pictures are more scattered than usual. And apparently I took pictures of everything that caught my eye, including my own shoes…. so many pictures to go through.

Speaking of – here’s one of my favorites 🙂

Now that's a good lookin' tip jar!

January 16, 2012

My pretty amazing Outfit (Part 1)

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If you’ve seen my post about my practice skirt, you’ve seen how I’d like my outfit to look. Well I spent my time off this weekend cranking out my actual skirt and I’m pretty happy with it. I ran out of the lace trimming, so I’ll have to get more. And I haven’t tacked it all of the ruffling into place yet (no point when I haven’t finished the bottom of the skirt). But it still looks good. I’m so happy, I even hemmed it.

I’d like to take all of the credit and say that my mad skillz are solely responsible for my lovely creation. But since I still can’t sew a straight line, I’ll have to give a good chunk of the credit to the pattern I’m using. Way to go flimsy paper pattern – you are as easy to use as you claim to be!

Next up is a detachable Bustled Train. By the way, I’m going off pattern for this, so I’m sure it will turn out like my usual mess. Just accepting reality here…

January 15, 2012

Tonight I have a story for you:

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I work at the Fox, and as a general rule, I usually see the very worst of people. They cut in line, are rude to me and each other and use everything as an opportunity to be ugly. You just learn to set the bar pretty low. But tonight, my very last customer of the night blew my mind. Here’s what happened:

There were 2 girls (teen/early 20s) and they had $6. They wanted a Soda and Popcorn, but just didn’t have the money. They ordered popcorn, but the one girl was sad (not angry, not throwing a fit, not crying – I’ve seen that behavior from grown adults, just disappointed) that she couldn’t get a Sprite. So the guy behind them told me (and them) that he’d pay for them to get a drink. Each of them. And pay for their popcorn. They were so happy, it was amazing to see! And the guy said that he was already spending money, so what was a little more? Then, when they left, he told me – that he had been there before and it wasn’t a big deal to help someone else out.

I just wanted to share that with you – I’ve had people cuss me out over the price of water. I’ve had people be short of money and tell me to cover the rest of their tab with my tips. I’ve had people get angry with someone fishing in their pocket for whatever money they could come up with. But I’ve never seen someone completely cover a stranger’s tab out of kindness, with no expectations for anything in return!

And I really thought that I should share that story with everyone I know. Take what you want from it!

January 3, 2012

Necessity and Invention

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Never doubt that necessity is the mother of invention…

In my purse, I have 1 book, 1 pen, a notepad, a dayplanner, a iphone charger, headphones, 2 phones, tissues, 14 vitamin C drops, a teasing comb, an emery board, chapstick, business cards, 2 King of Pops popsicle sticks and 1 silver paper clip.

What I need is a bobby pin. Not in the above list of things I current have. So yes, I used the paperclip. So never doubt that inside of every person is a little McGyver!

Hey - it work-ish....

January 2, 2012

How a bartender spends New Years Day

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Every year since I first got into the Service Industry, I’ve worked New Years Eve. And no matter the bar, it’s always been a brutal night. It might start slow (and very often does)… but at 11 pm, it becomes a speed/endurance test.

So every year, I spend New Years day the exact same way – lying in bed with a bottle of Advil and a few bottles of water. I don’t wake up until well into the afternoon. I don’t want to stand up for more than a minute, so I’m usually eating whatever snack food is nearest to the bed…. and I’m usually pretty beat.

This year I must have done something weird because I strained my biceps…. which to be honest, I didn’t even know you could strain. So here I am, the day after the day after New Years Eve, still sore and fussy.

I just wanted to share that with everyone, mostly cuz I’m pretty sure that every other bartender in the world is spent their Jan 1st the same way: Sore and exhausted.

August 2, 2011

My Week

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Here is the photo summary of my week. I’m going to show you once and then we will never speak of it again.*

*No pirates, Hello Kitties or asians were harmed in the making of these photos. Some were really really pissed off… but not hurt.


May 27, 2011

I haz interwebz

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Yippee!! So I can get back to posting and googling… I have totally missed it!

May 5, 2011

My Likes List

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So I don’t normally talk about music that I like – my taste, at best, can be described as eclectic…

But I just got Lupe Fiasco’s new album – Lasers and I love it. I liked his first album because he rapped about playing Super Mario Brothers and well… I’m a nerd so that was Awesome!

His new album is more polished and less teenage boy… but I really like it. It might be ironic that I’ve got this album the same time that Osama was killed, but I love Words I Never Said. Here’s a quote “Ain’t that ain’t Jersey Shore. Only that’s the news. And these the same people supposedly telling us the news… I’m a part of the problem. My problem is I’m peaceful. And I believe in the people.”

I particularly like his version of The Show Must Go On.

But given the harsh times we’re in right now, with people being as foolish as they are and sitting in a nation that politically torn and in a state that’s suffering from devastation after devastation – I’ve been listening to “All Black Everything”. “Built it up together, so we’re equally important…. See I fell asleep and I had a dream…”

April 25, 2011

The Dress Project – Progression

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So I’ve been hard at work – mostly unpacking… But I got a little bit done on The Dress Project. I’ve got two of my outfits sew together and now I’m getting to work on the fun part – Decorating! They haven’t turned out like Steampunk Couture – but I’m going to keep trying.

In the realm of Steamy awesomeness – I just heard about TeslaCon. This is a Steampunk convention in Madision. Everyone comes in costume (!!!) and Gail Carrigan is going to be there (!!!). So now I think I want to go to. And it’s not until Nov – so no need to make a commitment yet… In other steamy news – no progress has been made on my DragonCon costumes… I must get started or I will be facing a very very rough August… ick. But I am steampunking my house – or at least planning on doing it. I finally figured out my “character” I’m a Scientific Gentle-Explorer – I know it sounds like a mix of everything. And it is. But I’m integrating a lot of science-y stuff, like test-tubes and beakers and robots and I am keeping all of my themed-travel stuff (“from the Orient and Abroad”) but I like those little touches of sophistication (rich fabrics, curtains, etc). So Hopefully figuring out how to put this together in my house will help me figure out my Steampunk look. Or I’ll keep doing things the way I have – using whatever I like, however I want to. They both work!

Okay so here’s some pictures of my dresses…

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