November 27, 2012

Steamy Halloween

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I got my Halloween outfit together! W00t for me. I used a few patterns to “mod” my way into my look – which I went for a Steampunk Rosie the robot maid. My outfit turned out incredibly steampunky, if not very maid-like. I needed a feather duster and didn’t have time to find one. It’s oddly hard to find a feather duster if that’s all you want.

So I used an Alice in Wonderland costume pattern for the dress. And I modded the heck out of a waist corset pattern to make the belt. Tye designed and painted the key. (lucky for me šŸ™‚ ) Now all I need to do is figure out how to make the key move for DragonCon. And change out my dress (Cuz I’m not going to be a steam operated maid at D*C).
Here are the pics:


October 26, 2012

Halloween Outfit ideas

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First of all – let me apologize for not posting the rest of my DragonCon stuff. I have to go through and delete a few hundred pictures before I have the memory space for more photo heavy posts. But here’s my latest project: Halloween is in the middle of the week this year…. and that means that it will be another Wear-Your-Costume-To-Work year. My new job is super into costumes, which means I need to put something together, but not so into the Nerdy-arts. So my usual steampunk stuff might be too much of a stretch. So I’ve decided to go as a windup maid. Mostly cuz Tye jumped the gun and made a windup key for me. This means that I need to paint the key he made, create a harness and then put together a dress. And it’s 5 days before Halloween…. So yeah – we’ll see how that works out.

Okay here’s my inspiration:

January 17, 2012

An evening at the Botanical Gardens

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So I’m not entirely sure what happened this year – but my holiday cheer was totally depleted before December even rolled around. Sadness I know.

Well this year the Botanical Gardens did a new holiday thing, called Holiday Lights. And the entire month of December, I didn’t even think about going. Fortunately, Laura wanted to go and had more sense (and holiday spirit) than I did, and got me to go on the very last night! And boy! Am I glad I went, even though it was rainy and it cost $20 (which was more than I had – Thanks Laura for covering my ticket!) I had a blast with Christmas Music blaring the whole time. But I will tell you this peeps, I was super sad that I missed out on S’Mores. Next year I’m going in to see the lights IN December And Eat S’mores!!

Here’s a few pictures to inspire you go with me next Christmas. And maybe you’ll be feeling so inspired that you’ll buy me a S’more šŸ™‚ I’m not saying that you have to – I’d just like it if you did.

December 27, 2011

Christmas Shout Outs!

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I love getting things – any sort of things. So I’m even happy when I get socks and tupperware. So my gift receiving happiness bar is set pretty low. But this year my friends and family blew it out of the water. I got some really amazing gifts!

So a special shout out to everyone who went above and beyond with gifts! Here are my absolute favorites that make me feel so super loved:

  • My very own Dress Form! Thanks Rebecca
  • A handmade steampunk light with an Edison Bulb and cage! A one of a kind piece from Laura
  • An underbust corset, which will be the core of my Edwardian Ball outfit from Andrew!
  • The Never Ending Story from my brother and sister-in-law.
  • An absolutely gorgeous necklace from Nessa
  • And I got a ton of wonderful stuff from my Mom and Step-dad, but my favorite so far is the pitcher with an ice core! Amazing!!
  • My very first grownup umbrella from my Dad…

I got a ton of other amazing things, but these were the things that blew my mind with their awesomeness… IĀ  just needed to share them with you!

December 20, 2011

I love a party!

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Especially one that I can wear a fancy dress to… So I went to my first Christmas party this year (not the last, since I’ll be hosting a Dr Who viewing party ON Christmas and there’s always the hoe down at the Fox… yeah weird right?) Well this party was at Paris on Ponce, involved an open bar and I got to bring my boyfriend AND (thank you Jared!) my best friend! There was talking, running around without shoes, Secret Santa, furniture I wanted to buy and freaky mannequins… And after everyone had eaten, there was even dancing… which I will be honest – I got out danced by one of my coworkers. Really – he has got some moves… I got to meet non-work peeps, have steampunky conversations and look at furniture that I want to buy, but can’t afford. All while wearing my pretty Shabby Apple dress!

Andrew proved his undying devotion to me, but 1) being the DD and 2) sneaking a plate of cupcakes out of the party. Tiny cupcakes, I miss you so…
And my secret santa did an amazing job by getting me sewing supplies – like a refillable chalk pencil (I’ve been using sidewalk chalk… it’s not ideal) and a super cute dress pattern. As we all know, I sew better when I follow some sort of directions…. actually I sew better when I’m being watched by a professional, but that gets awkward quickly.

So all in all, it was a great evening. We had tons of fun. I ran around and danced and we didn’t end the night at the Clairmont. (There were too many Santas… true story). So here are some pictures!

December 5, 2011

Crafty Liz likes earrings

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I have been on a earring buying fit – it’s like there are cute earrings everywhere I turned. Well I’ve been tossing them into shot glasses and a stuffing them into drawers, but the ladies at Design Sponge had a much better idea – Jewelry shadow boxes! I’m always up for a project that starts at Ikea, so I ran out and picked up a few shadow box frames, grabbed my drill and got to work.

The instructions are pretty simple. Get frames – throw away glass. Using tool (in my case, a drill), put holes in the back of the board for the picture. My Ikea frames came with particle board – thanks Ikea. Put pretty paper over ugly holes. Take hooks and poke through paper. Now put board back into the frame, hang and pretend like you’re the handiest person in the world. Seriously easy!

Here’s what I made.

Do you believe in Christmas Wreaths?

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You know that I work a lot – right? Well if you don’t, I do…. So I’m not as home as much as I’d like to be. Despite it all, I still got my Christmas tree and decorations up. Hey – there are priorities in life – tinsel and jingle wreaths are way more important than sleep.

Okay so Christmas wreaths… Well while I was at work, the Wreath fairy made a stop by my apartment and put up a wreath. Next to my door. I guess it was to Christmasfy the wall by my door. My jingle bell wreath is already on the door. And I’m not sure who’s wreath it was, or why it’s out there. And no, I’m not crazy. Really – it totally happened – it’s not a hallucination from a lack of sleep.

Here’s my proof:

So magically that I took the picture with my laptop instead of my camera!

November 11, 2011

Semi Homemade Halloween

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Okay I know this post took me forever… but this is what I’ve got to say about that – Better late than Never! So :p

So yeah… Halloween. As I mentioned – my first attempt was a mad mess of fail. So I decided to not try to do everything myself and just buy a freaking dress…. Then work from there.

Wanna make your own murdress outfit. Here’s what to do:

Buy a cheap dress from H&M with a big flouncy skirt, in the color you want. I went with a blue jersey dress that was less than $20. Add a peter pan collar, using an online tutorial that you didn’t really follow. Cover your collar with some lace, cuz no one needs to know how badly you sew. Make some cuffs, cuz the arms of your dress are that icky 3/4 length.

Buy a big ruffly white apron. Seam rip all of the ruffles off… Take off the shoulder straps cuz you bought a kids size. (Hey – day before Halloween, there aren’t a lot of choices.) Rip up the bottom, cuz you can and it covers all of the raggedness from taking off the ruffles. Cover it in fake blood. (Yeah I got a bit out of control of that… I didn’t realize that it would drip… if I known, then I would have just gone with drips. My bad). Sew the top to your dress cuz you took off the shoulder straps.

And there we go – creepy killer chick…. Who cares what I was going for? I got Halloween covered here.

October 27, 2011

Halloween surprise

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Happy Almost Halloween…

So the surprise is that I don’t have to work this Halloween!! Go me!
But since it’s on a Monday – I’m probably not doing anything. Except throwing together a mostly last minute Halloween costume! Yeah, that’s how I roll…

Okay – so I work with the kind of people who like candy, like dressing up and know a lot of pretty geeky games… And I just bought an awesome pair of socks from Sock Dreams (covered in blood and Amazing looking!) so I decided to base my Halloween costume around 1) being creepy,Ā  2) my awesome socks and 3) Bioshock 2… I figure my coworkers will either get the game reference or the creepy factor.

Now saying all of this… over the week, I was forced to realized my limitations… I don’t have enough time to do and redo my outfit until it’s perfect. And I don’t have enough skills to do this perfectly the first time… so instead of going full out BioShock 2 with creepy outfit AND props… I just went for what I could pull off… A creepy outfit…

So for Halloween, I’m either going to be a Little Sister from Bioshock 2 OR a creepy doll… And isn’t that a Halloween surprise!
Outfit pictures to follow.

Here are my reference pictures – so you know what I was Trying to do…

March 10, 2011

Winter in Hothlanta

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So it snowed here.. and even though it wasn’t more than a few inches, it created some CRAZINESS! Besides people being crazy, the whole city shut down for a few days. So Laura and I celebrated the city-wide staycation with a few romps in the snow and a short walk (not drive, cuz the roads were undriveable) to the grocery store to see the madness. And we were out of cat food – and you don’t want to be trapped in a house with a hungry cat.

The snow wasn’t so bad, but it would get warm during the day and melt the top of the snow. Then at night, it would go below freezing and everything that melted would turn to ice. The first day was nice – lots of snow and not a big deal. But the following days were awful – the roads got worst and there just wasn’t anything you could do. But It made for great pictures and a Facebook full of Snow Posts.

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