November 26, 2012

Please let me introduce – the Interruption

Posted in Big Changes, Happy News at 3:45 pm by wangeli

So, as usual, posts have been erratic. I’m always planning to post on a regular basis, but life has this way of throwing a wrench in my plans. Right now, one of my wrenches is named Belladonna – Bella for short. She’s almost 4 months old, black and white and shows signs of severe ADD and mental retardation. Tye swears up and down that she’s a normal kitten and that’s what you do when you are that young. All I know is that she needs constant watching…. and that if there’s ever silence in the apartment then she’s probably breaking something, stuck in something or asleep. And lately, it seems like there is a lot of the first and second. Bella came from the basement of my best friend’s apartment, a second generation of kitties from a pregnant stray (Momma cat) that showed up a few years ago. Momma cat moved on, but she left behind a little baby girl cat that turned around and had her first litter right before DragonCon. Well, Laura got that cat neutered and convinced Tye that he needed one of the kittens (He did). So I wound up driving 7 hours with a completely and totally crazy kitten to bring her home to live with my equally crazy cat and boyfriend. We’re quite a family.

Bella is a handful. She likes sitting on my keyboard when I open my computer, climbs into the oven, dishwasher and fridge, eats people food and trash and chases Pepper. I swear that she is a whirlwind of trouble…. every freaking second of the day. And she’s working on honing her killing instinct on feet, hands, pillows and even her tail. Oh yeah, and it’s Christmas time, so she has a tree that I’m having a time teaching her not to climb. Bella is definitely testing the limits of trouble-making cuteness.

Oh and she’s made a point of reminding us that she’s still a wild, free basement kitty. She’s outgoing and “chill” around us, but when guests come over, she gets skittish. So who wants to come over to my house and make the kitten uncomfortable. She’s lucky she’s so cute.

Speaking of cuteness – here are a few pictures to show you what I’m having to live with. All I have to say is Poor Pepper!


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