October 18, 2012

Oh yeah – DragonCon…

Posted in Crafty Liz, Dragon Con 2012, Steampunk at 11:14 pm by wangeli

There is nothing like a few Tornado warnings to remind you about the fun things you did and forgot to blog about. Have I mentioned how chaotic moving? I lived out of boxes for a month, then move my cat down here and then went to DragonCon and came back with the boyfriend. Since then, it’s been packing, fixing things, breaking other things, finding things and shopping…. so much shopping and not for any of the fun things – like clothes, socks or shoes… Instead I have to buy shower curtains and hooks and wall anchors. Oh well – them the breaks…

So I know I owe you all a few posts about Dragon Con. For my first one, I’ll tell you how I wound up being a liar…. I was all sad that I couldn’t make by big DragonCon outfit because of a lack of $$. I was absolutely positive that I was just going to wear my old outfits and that was, well, depressing. But, as I was checking out Kato’s sight for a little steampunk inspiration, I found an outfit that she made and I was pretty sure I could replicate. So sure that I rushed out and bought a few yards of fabric to throw together some last minute outfits. And here they are:


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