May 4, 2012

I’ve always wanted a gang… at DragonCon

Posted in Dragon Con 2012 at 9:36 pm by wangeli

I grew up hearing that one person doing something weird looks crazy. But get a group of people together and do the same weird thing and you’ve got a club. And I’ve always wanted to be in a club… especially a club of weird people.

So how does that play into DragonCon? Well I’ve always wanted to do a group costume. Seriously… and the more awesome inspiration I gather from internet, the more I want to encourage (ie Force) my friends to join me in a costume.

Here are my two favorite outfits so far.
GoChaseRabbits on Etsy has an amazing group of skirts. Including a retro game skirt…which I have to be honest, would be amazing to run around wearing at DragonCon. She’s created a PacMan skirt, but there’s still Asteroids, Tetris, Space Invaders or even Pong out there… We could be amazing group of sexy girls in our 8 bit skirts.
Or, if we wanted to include boys, we could rock some pretty amazing outfits as a Zombie battling Mystery, INC. It already makes an amazing shirt, thanks to Travis Pitts and Threadless… And I think it would make an awesome outfit. It even has a back story, for times when we’re not all together, we can just say that the other people got lost to the horde…

So wanna be a part of my gang?

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