February 23, 2012

Wait – there was more…

Posted in Lolz, Places I've Been, Vacation at 2:31 pm by wangeli

Here’s a handful of the other places that we went to while we were in LA. In a thousand words or less… with the mention of the best Ice Cream sandwich I have EVER had. And if you know me, you know – I’ve had quite a few ice cream sandwiches (but that’s not saying that enough is enough. It’s ice cream… there’s no such thing as enough.)

If I haven’t mentioned it a few (thousand) times before, we spent a lot of time driving around. It’s LA, judging by the traffic – that’s what you do. I’m super super happy we rented a car, so we were tearing it up all over the city in our friends car. Well the upside of all of the driving is that LA has some super cool signs. And yeah, I’m going to take pictures of them. Hello – awesome billboards makes me a happy advertiser.

Oh yeah and then there was the ice cream. Okay, we totally played our hipster card and went to a still unknown ice cream shop that had Just Opened! Yeah, we’re those kind of people. And it was amazing. There was fun wall art, balloons, Mexican cokes and bourbon flavored ice cream. So instead of eating the sensible dinner of grown up people, we had ice cream sandwiches and felt like we were the coolest non-adults ever. (We are, btw). Yeah I know – you so wish you could be me.

We also went to a super cute restaurant called Tart. We were super excited to eat there because the sign was super cute, they had jello shots (okay maybe that was just me) and they had great Southern food… I’m not entirely sure why we went out to LA and proceeded to eat nothing but the food we can get anywhere here in Atlanta, but hey – it is what it is. And, because we are easily amused, we loved their sign which declares that “cooking is the oldest profession” and that their menu challenges you to wear overalls and jump in the Farmer’s Daughter’s pool. I was totally up for doing it…. but that might have just been the jello shots talking.

And speaking of things that don’t make any sense – we woke up early (okay not so early) to go to Target and try to hit up the Jason Wu racks. Boy, we were so lucky that Stacey knew of a secret Target that still had a few items from the Jason Wu line. But apparently, these must-have items were on a serious security watch – we weren’t allowed to take them into the dressing room to try them on. So yeah, traveled to the other side of the country to buy Target clothes.


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