February 21, 2012

Hanging Out in Compton

Posted in Lolz, Places I've Been, Vacation at 2:50 pm by wangeli

There is nothing more fun than a quick road trip. And even though we knew LA traffic was bad (and apparently never clears up), we decided to head south for an afternoon. So we hopped into our rental car and drove all the way to Compton. For the art. And the Waffles. Okay, I was there for the chicken and waffles, a girl’s got priorities!

And I am super happy to tell you, my experience at Roscoe’s was amazing 🙂 I didn’t just enjoy my resulting food coma, I got the best service I’ve ever gotten and met some of the friendliest bouncers! Really – there were bouncers at Roscoe, and we were there for lunch. And they were the friendliest people. They said hello, wished us a blessed day, asked about our meal and said goodbye. Amazing!

Oh yeah and there was art – we drove out to the Watts Tower to see Simon Rodia’s creation. It was pretty amazing. But it was all locked up. Maybe if we go back, we’ll spend the big money to take the tour and get to go in and roam around among his sculpture.


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