February 18, 2012

Dinner at the Edison

Posted in Lolz, Places I've Been, Steampunk, Vacation at 3:34 pm by wangeli

You can’t go to LA without having an evening at the Edison Bar. Well, you can – if you’re not really into steampunky stuff, well-made classic cocktails, an environment that never stops being amazing or a real people watching crowd. If none of that appeals – then go where ever you want to…

However, all of that is right up my alley. And my friends were kind enough to get dressed up and go with me. It would have been really awkward to go by myself… so Thanks Laura and Stacy! It was pretty excited, with completely over the top decor that included antique generators, bartenders with sleeve garters and a green fairy selling absinthe. I wish I could rave about our dinner, but I got the grilled cheese (because I really like grilled cheese…. and how can you screw up grilled cheese). Laura got the most amazing Shrimp and Grits however. And we all sat around drinking fancy cocktails and listening the the house band, feeling like classy ladies. All in all, it was a great night out!

Picture time! Let me set your expectations right now – I didn’t want turn on my flash and be “that touristy girl” all through our little Edison outing. So 1) there’s not a lot of pictures and 2) they look more than their usual level of awful. However – the main point is I had dinner at the Edison 🙂 and my little steam-powered heart is oh so happy 🙂

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