February 16, 2012

Places I’ve been, things I’ve been doing…

Posted in Lolz, Places I've Been, Vacation at 8:29 pm by wangeli

Every now and again, a girl needs to get out of town. She needs to tell her kind and generous bosses that “it’s not them, it’s me”, break out the vacay days and hop on a plane. And yeah, maybe she had something that she wants to do. Or maybe she’s just got a credit card with some space, discounted plane tickets and a burning need to go someplace where nobody knows (or cares to know) her name. And maybe she wants to talk about her self in third person. All we’re saying is that this is a setup for a vacation story.

And let’s call this Liz and friends in LA. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the 6 thousand previous posts, I went to LA to go to the Edison Ball (postponed 😦 ) and to use up some of my vacation days on something other than Dragon Con and oil changes. I know – exciting, right!?!

So, if you give me a few (several) hundred dollars and an entire week away from work – I will go a little crazy. And out of town. And take pictures that only make sense if you know me… But hey, let’s see what you, the viewing audience, get from a week in LA with 2 friends, a camera and no place to be! Oh yeah and an intense caffeine buzz and collective ADD. Yippee!!

We’ll start off easy – here are the touristy places and things that I saw while I was out on the West Coast.


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