January 17, 2012

An evening at the Botanical Gardens

Posted in Holidays, Lolz at 7:44 pm by wangeli

So I’m not entirely sure what happened this year – but my holiday cheer was totally depleted before December even rolled around. Sadness I know.

Well this year the Botanical Gardens did a new holiday thing, called Holiday Lights. And the entire month of December, I didn’t even think about going. Fortunately, Laura wanted to go and had more sense (and holiday spirit) than I did, and got me to go on the very last night! And boy! Am I glad I went, even though it was rainy and it cost $20 (which was more than I had – Thanks Laura for covering my ticket!) I had a blast with Christmas Music blaring the whole time. But I will tell you this peeps, I was super sad that I missed out on S’Mores. Next year I’m going in to see the lights IN December And Eat S’mores!!

Here’s a few pictures to inspire you go with me next Christmas. And maybe you’ll be feeling so inspired that you’ll buy me a S’more 🙂 I’m not saying that you have to – I’d just like it if you did.


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