January 15, 2012

Tonight I have a story for you:

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:46 am by wangeli

I work at the Fox, and as a general rule, I usually see the very worst of people. They cut in line, are rude to me and each other and use everything as an opportunity to be ugly. You just learn to set the bar pretty low. But tonight, my very last customer of the night blew my mind. Here’s what happened:

There were 2 girls (teen/early 20s) and they had $6. They wanted a Soda and Popcorn, but just didn’t have the money. They ordered popcorn, but the one girl was sad (not angry, not throwing a fit, not crying – I’ve seen that behavior from grown adults, just disappointed) that she couldn’t get a Sprite. So the guy behind them told me (and them) that he’d pay for them to get a drink. Each of them. And pay for their popcorn. They were so happy, it was amazing to see! And the guy said that he was already spending money, so what was a little more? Then, when they left, he told me – that he had been there before and it wasn’t a big deal to help someone else out.

I just wanted to share that with you – I’ve had people cuss me out over the price of water. I’ve had people be short of money and tell me to cover the rest of their tab with my tips. I’ve had people get angry with someone fishing in their pocket for whatever money they could come up with. But I’ve never seen someone completely cover a stranger’s tab out of kindness, with no expectations for anything in return!

And I really thought that I should share that story with everyone I know. Take what you want from it!


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