January 2, 2012

How a bartender spends New Years Day

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:35 pm by wangeli

Every year since I first got into the Service Industry, I’ve worked New Years Eve. And no matter the bar, it’s always been a brutal night. It might start slow (and very often does)… but at 11 pm, it becomes a speed/endurance test.

So every year, I spend New Years day the exact same way – lying in bed with a bottle of Advil and a few bottles of water. I don’t wake up until well into the afternoon. I don’t want to stand up for more than a minute, so I’m usually eating whatever snack food is nearest to the bed…. and I’m usually pretty beat.

This year I must have done something weird because I strained my biceps…. which to be honest, I didn’t even know you could strain. So here I am, the day after the day after New Years Eve, still sore and fussy.

I just wanted to share that with everyone, mostly cuz I’m pretty sure that every other bartender in the world is spent their Jan 1st the same way: Sore and exhausted.

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