December 29, 2011

In My Mind

Posted in Lolz at 8:21 pm by wangeli

Okay – we’re ignoring reality today. So no bothering me with pesky details, like you can’t plan a wedding without a groom… Those things don’t matter, because in my mind, I am planning the perfect wedding. Seriously. I make mental notes, bookmark links and collect scraps of paper all with my notes on what do to for my wedding. Yes my imaginary wedding. Trust me, I’ve noticed I haven’t been asked…

With all of that aside – here’s what I’ve figured out so far. Oh and for the fun of it – here’s what I haven’t figured out.

Date – Not Applicable. Imaginary weddings can happen whenever you want, cuz they’re imaginary.

Groom – Yeah, I haven’t got one of those… do you think it’s going to be a problem? For the sake of this experiment, let’s assume that he’s rich, willing to go along with everything I plan and cute. Oh yeah and if we’re making stuff up – he’s perfect, interesting and funny. And he can dance. And owns a pony… no, make that a unicorn. Why not, right?

Photographer – Leah and Mark – I like their style and they’re always at Indie Craft. Oh yeah and they’ll travel so they can show up where ever my imaginary wedding is going to be.

Cake – cupcakes! Having eaten more than my fair share of wedding cake – I will confess that I am not a big fan. And I don’t make up my mind, so I can have all of the flavors I want. All of them. I think it’s totally normal if the bride takes home a dozen cupcakes right?

Cake topper (and don’t say that I can’t have a cake topper cuz I don’t have a cake…. I bet there is a way around that.) – Robots. But cute robots that are metally and steampunky. And Cute.

Theme – Offbeat and Steampunk. Like the Edwardian Ball, complete with acrobats, burlesque acts and gothic decor.

Location – I want to get married in a cool vintage warehouse. Wood floors, exposed ceiling beams. Fantastic. The Ambient Plus Studio will work in a pinch.

Random Lighting Note – so I got to see Mumford and Sons at the Fox (surprised by that? You must not know me….) and I loved their lighting. They had big fat exposed bulbs running up and down the ceiling of the theater, forming a tent. Something like this. I want that – it’s pretty.

Bar – OPEN! and none of that beer and wine crap…. I don’t freaking drink either.

Programs – Ummm funny – exactly like these. But then letterpress-y with a little steampunkness… Otherwise I’d just hit print now and consider the job done.

Band – Jonathon Coulton. Hey, Imaginary Wedding remember. I can have my nerdy rocker if I want to…

Dress – Hello Awesome, custom made. Really torn between getting an Etsy dress or having one made by Starkers

Flowers – I’m all for flowers in pots that people can take home. Seriously – forget the cut nonsense. As for bouquets, I’ve been collecting brass roses for Forever…. but this might not be my final answer.

Groom’s boutonnieres – Lego – cuz they are the best toy EVER. Just like these.

Gifts for the bridesmaids – Awesome socks from Sock Dreams. They will thank me… trust me!

I’m sure I’ll keep adding details to my imaginary wedding, but for right now – that’s what I’ve got (and not got).



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