December 21, 2011

Next up on the agenda – The Edwardian Ball!

Posted in Crafty Liz, Steampunk at 4:40 pm by wangeli

For those who are keeping track – my next big adventure is heading out to LA to go to the Edwardian Ball. I’m super excited and am so on top of things that I’ve already got my plane tickets AND my event tickets! Woohoo for me!!

But for anyone who doesn’t know what the Edwardian Ball is – 1) Go to Youtube. Seriously – the videos are AMAZING! Or you can go to the website. Or I could tell you about it… (but the videos are better) So the Edwardian Ball is a celebration a cirque-esque celebration of the works of Edward Gorey. It has a heavy Edwardian theme with Steampunk accessories. It’s a giant costume party, a concert, a theater show and a night at a club. It’s a chance to drink tea, break out my corsets and actually hobnob with people I will most likely never see again.

Why LA instead of San Francisco? Well the San Fran event is at the end of January – too soon for a minor Steampunk miracle. And there are 2 days instead of one (talk about an intense investment of time). Oh and I don’t have any friends in San Fran that would put up with this extreme sort of nonsense… Fortunately – Laura has a friend in LA that is more than willing to throw down with us!

So what’s the project? Okay – I need an outfit, Gorey-esque and appropriate for a ball setting. And I’ll be surrounded by people that might actually know how to sew and have a few opinions of what looks right… And to add insult to injury – I might be making a few outfits – one for me, one for Laura and one for Stacy. Here’s my inspiration gallery:

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