December 20, 2011

I love a party!

Posted in Holidays, Lolz, Places I've Been at 9:53 pm by wangeli

Especially one that I can wear a fancy dress to… So I went to my first Christmas party this year (not the last, since I’ll be hosting a Dr Who viewing party ON Christmas and there’s always the hoe down at the Fox… yeah weird right?) Well this party was at Paris on Ponce, involved an open bar and I got to bring my boyfriend AND (thank you Jared!) my best friend! There was talking, running around without shoes, Secret Santa, furniture I wanted to buy and freaky mannequins… And after everyone had eaten, there was even dancing… which I will be honest – I got out danced by one of my coworkers. Really – he has got some moves… I got to meet non-work peeps, have steampunky conversations and look at furniture that I want to buy, but can’t afford. All while wearing my pretty Shabby Apple dress!

Andrew proved his undying devotion to me, but 1) being the DD and 2) sneaking a plate of cupcakes out of the party. Tiny cupcakes, I miss you so…
And my secret santa did an amazing job by getting me sewing supplies – like a refillable chalk pencil (I’ve been using sidewalk chalk… it’s not ideal) and a super cute dress pattern. As we all know, I sew better when I follow some sort of directions…. actually I sew better when I’m being watched by a professional, but that gets awkward quickly.

So all in all, it was a great evening. We had tons of fun. I ran around and danced and we didn’t end the night at the Clairmont. (There were too many Santas… true story). So here are some pictures!


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