December 5, 2011

Do you believe in Christmas Wreaths?

Posted in Holidays, Lolz at 5:46 am by wangeli

You know that I work a lot – right? Well if you don’t, I do…. So I’m not as home as much as I’d like to be. Despite it all, I still got my Christmas tree and decorations up. Hey – there are priorities in life – tinsel and jingle wreaths are way more important than sleep.

Okay so Christmas wreaths… Well while I was at work, the Wreath fairy made a stop by my apartment and put up a wreath. Next to my door. I guess it was to Christmasfy the wall by my door. My jingle bell wreath is already on the door. And I’m not sure who’s wreath it was, or why it’s out there. And no, I’m not crazy. Really – it totally happened – it’s not a hallucination from a lack of sleep.

Here’s my proof:

So magically that I took the picture with my laptop instead of my camera!


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