November 30, 2011

What’s going on…

Posted in Lolz at 8:20 pm by wangeli

So 2011 is almost over – but I’ve still got plenty of things left to do before the year is over.

Here’s what’s on my plate:

Shopping, shopping, shopping… Christmas time – hello! And I like to shop, so it’s not burden, but the holiday season does represent a pretty hefty financial set back… all of my other projects will have to wait until I get some money in the bank…

Picking outfits for next DragonCon. Yeah I know it’s early – but early is the best time to start pulling inspiration and biting off more than I can handle 🙂 The dream is that I’ll get stuff started now so that I won’t be so last minute and I’ll have enough time to redo outfits that I screw up. Or time to learn how to sew and how to read a pattern. Or time to buy a dress maker’s form so if I don’t learn how to sew or read a pattern then I can at least test my ideas out…

Oh yeah and I want to go to the Edwardian Ball in LA – so I guess I better find a dress, loose some weight, buy a few plane tickets and all of that stuff…

What do you mean I’m stretched to thin? I’ve got this…

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