November 22, 2011

Practice makes perfect

Posted in Lolz at 7:58 pm by wangeli

Yet again – I’m going to talk about my hair. But hey, if you haven’t noticed – I’ve got a lot of it… and as a general rule – I don’t know what to do with it. So I’m always trying to some new way of getting it up and looking good (or down and looking good). So I’ve been trying to work out that Keiko messy bun that I pointed out a while back… And I’m super excited cuz for the first time – I think I actually got it to work.

And naturally – I don’t know what I did to get it up like it’s up. But hey! It looks good right now!

Here are some pics – befores and afters. BTW – if you’re wondering 1) yes I take pictures of how I look every day when I get into work. Mostly cuz I’m thinking about it. A little bit cuz I’m worried I’m wearing the same clothes every day. (I’m not, but it’s getting pretty close). 2) I redo my hair after lunch. Mostly cuz the bobby pins will shift to a place that directly touches my brain… and a little cuz I start to feel like I have crazy lady hair.

So yeah, pictures. Here we go.


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