November 11, 2011

Semi Homemade Halloween

Posted in Crafty Liz, Holidays at 8:44 pm by wangeli

Okay I know this post took me forever… but this is what I’ve got to say about that – Better late than Never! So :p

So yeah… Halloween. As I mentioned – my first attempt was a mad mess of fail. So I decided to not try to do everything myself and just buy a freaking dress…. Then work from there.

Wanna make your own murdress outfit. Here’s what to do:

Buy a cheap dress from H&M with a big flouncy skirt, in the color you want. I went with a blue jersey dress that was less than $20. Add a peter pan collar, using an online tutorial that you didn’t really follow. Cover your collar with some lace, cuz no one needs to know how badly you sew. Make some cuffs, cuz the arms of your dress are that icky 3/4 length.

Buy a big ruffly white apron. Seam rip all of the ruffles off… Take off the shoulder straps cuz you bought a kids size. (Hey – day before Halloween, there aren’t a lot of choices.) Rip up the bottom, cuz you can and it covers all of the raggedness from taking off the ruffles. Cover it in fake blood. (Yeah I got a bit out of control of that… I didn’t realize that it would drip… if I known, then I would have just gone with drips. My bad). Sew the top to your dress cuz you took off the shoulder straps.

And there we go – creepy killer chick…. Who cares what I was going for? I got Halloween covered here.


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