November 9, 2011

A new Blog, a new Style.

Posted in Lolz at 5:05 pm by wangeli

Okay so every now and again, I find something that encourages me to make a radical change in my life.

Like how Nicole Balch’s Making It Lovely blog encouraged me to ditch the dorm room leftovers and put a little love into my home.
Or how Steampunk Home helped me embrace my not-so-inner geek.
Or the Etsy Stalker encourages me to keep writing, because writing can just be fun.

So having said all of that – I’ve recently discovered keiko lynn‘s blog. And with any new obsession, I am all about jumping in and making big changes. What are my big changes? Well they’re not super exciting – but here we go. 1) I’m wearing make-up everyday. Not my usual, hey I work at a bar makeup – but a slightly more grownup looking palette. 2) I’m dressing like I care a little about what I wear. Less baggy jeans and t-shirts. More skirts, boot and a professional look. 3) I’ve stopped washing my hair 90 millions times, which means it looks a little healthier and I’m actually doing my hair (no more running out the door with wet hair). My mornings have gotten a little weirder and more involved, so yeah – bit of a change there.

If you want to feel inspired – click on some links and take a peek at what I read every morning while I sip my tea. And then hop over to smittenkitchen and iambaker for some food envy… Oh yeah, and I’m encouraging you to cook something. Then feel free to share it with me, especially some pear crumble or a giant rice krispie cake. Nobody likes leftovers – so I’d just be helping you out. I’m nice like that.

Here’s a few pics of what I look like when I try to look like something. Remember – as always, I am a work in progress.

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