October 27, 2011

Halloween surprise

Posted in Crafty Liz, Holidays at 9:43 pm by wangeli

Happy Almost Halloween…

So the surprise is that I don’t have to work this Halloween!! Go me!
But since it’s on a Monday – I’m probably not doing anything. Except throwing together a mostly last minute Halloween costume! Yeah, that’s how I roll…

Okay – so I work with the kind of people who like candy, like dressing up and know a lot of pretty geeky games… And I just bought an awesome pair of socks from Sock Dreams (covered in blood and Amazing looking!) so I decided to base my Halloween costume around 1) being creepy,  2) my awesome socks and 3) Bioshock 2… I figure my coworkers will either get the game reference or the creepy factor.

Now saying all of this… over the week, I was forced to realized my limitations… I don’t have enough time to do and redo my outfit until it’s perfect. And I don’t have enough skills to do this perfectly the first time… so instead of going full out BioShock 2 with creepy outfit AND props… I just went for what I could pull off… A creepy outfit…

So for Halloween, I’m either going to be a Little Sister from Bioshock 2 OR a creepy doll… And isn’t that a Halloween surprise!
Outfit pictures to follow.

Here are my reference pictures – so you know what I was Trying to do…

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