September 16, 2011

DragonCon 2011 Parade! (6 of Many)

Posted in Dragon Con 2011 at 7:49 pm by wangeli

I love taking pictures at the parade. Everyone has one their best costumes… they’re all grouped together so I get to see a bunch of storm troopers at once And I don’t have to chase people around and ask before I snap my shots. And it’s the DragonCon parade, so no one moves that fast. This year, it was the only time when I consciously walked around with my camera in my hand, instead of in my purse.

Here’s my number one parade tip. Sit next to kids. The cuter, the better. All of the  parade people will stop to pose, high five or hug kids. And kids are aggressive. And you can get those must-have up-close shots, while paraders are with the kiddies. It’s a total win!

Okay, so I took a lot of pictures… and I feel like I want to share most of them. So I’m spreading them out over a bunch of posts, so I don’t have a mega picture monster like last year. Enjoy!

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