September 15, 2011

My DragonCon Buddies (4 of Many)

Posted in Dragon Con 2011 at 7:42 pm by wangeli

One of my favorite things about DragonCon is hanging out with my nerdy elite… seriously – if you weren’t in my hotel room, you probably couldn’t get a hold of me. (I’ll be better about that next year… promise – ish). And I’m sure at this point, you’ve figured out who all I was seeing on a regular basis. But if not, then Hey! Here’s some photo-graphical proof that I did see actual peeps.

About my group of friends: So majority of this blog has been about my costumes… making them, remaking them, accessorizing them and so on. Well let me tell you something – I did not have most creative costume (Laura) or the most expensive costume (Pam and Chris). I did however have The Most costumes. Yippee… This almost meant that I probably spent the most time in the bathroom and doing my hair. Well definitely the most time doing my hair… maybe not in the bathroom – I’m not exactly what you would call shy.

And remember way back when I said I wasn’t feeling the camera so much. Well there are a few outfits that I don’t have any pictures of… Sadness I know. I was pretty good the first few days… after that, well they weren’t awesome outfits – so whatever. However, if you have a time machine, will you jump back to Sunday and grab a few pictures of me during the day. All I know for sure was that I was dressed and there was a tiny hat. Everything else is just guesses at this point.

No more words – here are the pictures:

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