September 15, 2011

Celeb Spotting at D*C (3 of many)

Posted in Dragon Con 2011 at 3:01 pm by wangeli

One of the funnest things about DragonCon is that you can see celebs anywhere… This year, we were in the same hotel as the Guild girls – so we kept running into them. And Misha Collins turned up at all of the parties I went to on Sunday. Of course, it’s not polite to snap photos of celebs just anywhere… they’re people too. But at Panels, well they’re fair game.

Here’s my short summary of overall impressions. 1)Eddie is hilarious. Colin is hilarious… put them together and it’s totally worth standing in line for 2+ hours… 2) Mark Sheppard will not tell you anything… and he’s in Every Flippin’ Show, so forget the spoilers. 3) I already love JoCo, Paul and Storm… and in a tiny room with a JoCo clone And a JoCo puppet… awesome! 4) Don’t use Flashes at Panel… You are too far away for it to do any good and it’s flipping annoying for everyone. 5) The Line Busters at the Marriott might be my new favorite people – enforce that Lines start an hour before the panel rule!

And here are my pictures from the various panels that I remembered to bring my camera to.

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