September 14, 2011

Steampunking at D*C2011 (2 of Many)

Posted in Dragon Con 2011 at 5:36 pm by wangeli

Okay so if you don’t know what Steampunk is at this point, well you must not like nerds, fashion, computer games or real estate. Or the internet. And you’re probably not reading this post online… Someone must have printed it out and brought it to you. Stop killing trees and open the interwebz machine.

Rant done… The short answer is Steampunk is about asking What If X didn’t happen? It’s about reviving fashion from another point in time. It’s about rewriting history. And it’s about changing how you see things… My favorite part is how you can take the mass produced elements that fill our lives and personalize them to make them look a little less modern, a little crafted with design and an eye for detail and most importantly, Unique!

And steampunk is blowing up. It’s EVERY where. Mainstream enough that I couldn’t get into the steampunk panels that I wanted to. So no steamy education this year… maybe next year.

Fortunately, there was awesome steampunk outfits outside of the Westin. And Laura and I got into the Steampunk World Record photo, so I got to hang with some steampunk peeps for an hour or two. More like two, cuz steampunkers can not make lines… in case you were wondering. So saw some fantastic stuff… and now have a new steampunk goal: *Make devices that WORK! Note to self – become a mechanical crafty Liz (Paul if you’re reading this – I might totally need your help).*

Enough words… no one reads words. Here are the pics!!


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