September 1, 2011

DragonCon 11: Practice Run

Posted in Crafty Liz, Dragon Con 2011, Steampunk at 3:55 pm by wangeli

So with my crazy ambitious costuming… I need to take a few minutes and figure out WHAT I was wearing – you know brass tacks stuff like what shirt, which shoes, which tiny hat. So I dragged poor suffering Laura over to my house to go through the massive amount of costuming that I had put together. We called it dress up and pretended it was fun… It would have been more fun with nibbles and if we were trying to do it at midnight. (Note to self for next year – be crazy earlier.) But I am super glad that we took the time to do it, cuz I had some serious wardrobe malfunctions in the works. Things like: my paper skirt showed my butt if I even thought about bending over… Or, every time I laughed, my Girl Genius belt would pop open… (True, this could be remedied by not laughing, but I figured I should just fix my belt.) So I went thru my stuff and even put aside a few outfits and accessories for next DragonCon…. And if you’ve ever seen me pack – you’d be proud of me… heck I’m proud of me!

So here are the thousands of outfits that I’m going to be rocking at DragonCon… okay – not thousands… just like 6 or 7… I still have to work on the hair (ie hope that I can pull off hair styles that I’ve never practiced… but what the hey – I’m game and I’ve got a bag full of gear clips!)


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