August 12, 2011


Posted in Lolz, Shopping at 2:47 pm by wangeli

My job gave me an iPhone to use… for work stuff and other things… And even though I know that one day I’ll have to give it back, I still want to get a super cool case and a bunch of fun apps. Because, even though I don’t use it for any phone reasons (ie making calls, sending texts, etc), I still plan to drag it around. And I want it to be fun if it’s going to be in my purse!

So first – a question for the internet worldz – what apps do I need to have on my phone? So far I just have the Scoutmob app…

Secondly – which case should I get? I’ve been thinking about getting the Little Black Book from Pad and Quill. It’s $40, but still allows me to keep all of my phone’s functionality – charging, listening to music and taking pictures. And it’s pretty unique and steampunky. ‘Sides, I like things that make my important things look less like things you’d want to steal…

Or, should I get the Monsta Case by Casemate? Because it’s a Monster and I like monsters. And it won’t make my phone much bigger…. And it’s only $24.99

Or I could get a Psych case from USA. I am a big Psych fan and the bright green would make it easy to find…. And it’s $14.95…

So what do you think  – what apps do I need and which phone cover?



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