August 5, 2011

Steampunk Madness – Also Known As Party Dress 2

Posted in Crafty Liz, Dragon Con 2011, Steampunk at 3:52 pm by wangeli

Eons ago, I decided that my Steampunk persona was a Gentlewoman exploring scientist… This means – I wear dresses and pretend I have money… I’m incorporate science elements – gears, dials and tools, but I’m not a Madame Curry. I dabble in Scientific queries for my own entertainment and the general pursuit of knowledge – not cuz I’m actually trying to contribute to the world. And I like to explore and travel – So I might jump on a Blimp for parts unknown, but I’m not a here’s my valise, let’s so explore the world. Basically, my imaginary self is about having adventures and fun, not about much else…

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things. Well I get to wear dresses and bustles, I carry around a bunch of compasses and pocket watches and when I want to break out a kimono – I can! So that bring us to party dress number 2!

At my favorite Atlanta event – the Boutique Warehouse Sale, I stumbled across this crazy kimono dress. It’s hand made and blue and shows a lot of leg and naturally – I couldn’t pass it up…. (I also bought a kimono shirt that I wear to work). My pretty new blue dress is totally inappropriate for majority of my life – working in an office, working in a bar and watching the SciFi channel… but it’s Perfect for a Dragon*Con party or if I ever go to a fancy dress Japanese themed event… But, like any outfit I purchased, it needs a little work to be perfectly steamy.

So, probably biting off more than I can chew, I’ve decided to make some steampunk accessories. First off, my sexy new dress needs some risque new heels. And a really awesome belt – cuz the ribbon wrapped around the waist is cute, but not giving me the flattering look that I so really want! These are tasks greater than my skills, so I’ve decided buy instead of make.

So what am I doing? Well a good Asian Steampunk look needs a parasol – for sures. And I really love mechanical irises look and would love to have a parasol that sorta has that look. And yeah, I have no clue how to do it, but I’ll figure it out.

And I was thinking about making a fan – something dangerous and crazy looking… All in all I’m pretty excited…

Here are the pics to go with my grandiose ideas…


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