August 4, 2011

Girl Genius-ish

Posted in Crafty Liz, Dragon Con 2011 at 3:58 pm by wangeli

Are you a real fan girl (or boy) cuz my next outfit is going to be pretty obscure by all standards… So if you’re a real Girl Genius fan and you feel stumped – well don’t be too upset….

Let me back up a bit – Way back forever when (D*C 2010), I learned about Girl Genius – the steampunk webcomic  of awesomeness. and because I have a mildly obsessive personality and time of my hands, I sat down and read the entire series. Well I definitely think that Girl Genius is pretty awesome and I decided that I would do a tribute to my new favorite imaginary persona by making one of the outfits from the series. Well I’m not built like Agnes is or want to run around half naked like Zeetha and not keen on being a smaller character – so I had a real dilemma. Which I solved, by saying to heck with any of the outfits you see every other day in the comic – I’d break out something obscure and make myself feel better. So I decided to do an outfit from the Cinderella one-off. Of course, Agnes’s Cinderella dress has been done before (seriously Google it), which made it pretty unappealing for my first Girl Genius outfit. Instead, I decided to be Steamerella before the ball – and let’s face it, tatters, tears and stains work well for me and Dragon*Con.

So how did I do it? Well a lot of Agnes’s costume is actually pretty normal – I plan (as soon as I find one) to by a yellow polo shirt and red and brown rugby socks. I found some gloves that can work as welding gloves. And I already have goggles (Thanks awesome dude from Ebay) and boots (Thanks Scoutmob and CherryBomb for my cute as heck, $10 boots). So All I had to do is make the dress and belt.

I bought yet another cheap dress pattern and hacked my very own tattered Steamerella dress by sewing a long jumper dress and then cutting and ripping it up. Then I modded the daylights out of some very sensible instructions from Cut It + Keep to create a belt (with mixed results – but I have time to fix it up). Then I just hit the Girl Genius site for some accessories and heck – my Steamerella is almost done!

Enough words – here are the pictures 🙂


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