August 3, 2011

Next On Liz TV

Posted in Crafty Liz, Dragon Con 2011 at 4:04 pm by wangeli

Okay – so here’s a quick run down of the other outfits that I have in the works for Dragon*Con:

  1. My Girl Genius tribute outfit – Naturally, I picked an obscure dress from her Cinderella spinoff. But I like being a steamy Cindy… It’s actually mostly done – but I need to buy a bunch a stuff. 🙂 (Next Post)
  2. My super sexy steampunk dress – inspired very loosely by a photographer’s picture found on the net…. This outfit is a Kimono Asian-esque dress and involves making a lot of seriously complicated accessories to make it steamy…
  3. Fixing up my old steampunk outfits. I have way more belts and time – so I just need to get everything together… Unrelated to anything – I want a necklace made with gears… Just sayin’

So Hello internet People – help me figure out what boots to wear with my #2 outfit. (I know you haven’t seen it…. but let’s just start with a blind guess – which pair is better?)

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  1. Jennifer said,

    Choice #2 on the boots!

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