August 1, 2011

Paper Skirt – Part 3

Posted in Crafty Liz, Dragon Con 2011 at 6:38 pm by wangeli

Now that you’ve seen the work that I put in under my skirt, let’s get into the really fascinating stuff…

So I spent a chunk of time accordion folding pages of telephone paper. Every time I watched tv, I pulled out a section of the phone book and started folding. It wasn’t so bad actually….though, if my show was really good, my folds suffered…

Then I spent a ton of freaking time figuring out that I had no clue how to get my paper onto my skirt…. I looked at my inspiration pictures and realized that I had a serious skill issue. I still can’t figure out how that designer got her skirt to stand up so pretty… It would have been easy if I could have figured out how to get the short edges of my fold to adhere to my skirt some how…. Well the answer seemed to be glue and magic, so I walked away from that and decided to pin layers of folded paper to my skirt and just stack them until they stand up like a tutu… or in a tutu-ish fashion.

Here’s the breakdown of what I did. I folded ton and tons of paper. Then I taped sheets together. I pinned that layer to my skirt and sewed it down. Then I repeated. And repeated until my sewing machine let me know that it couldn’t handle any more… (even super thin paper is pretty thick….). So I got about 3 layers of paper on top of my 4 layers of fabric. I tried to inch each layer of paper higher up the waistband so 1. I wasn’t sewing over and over the same place in the paper (I’m pretty sure that would have guaranteed ripping) and 2. My skirt would get shorter and more incline to stand a little upright. After 3 layers of paper and fabric – my skirt started to become very hard to work with – and lost almost all ability to bend. And it had developed a taste for human blood… So I folded my waistband over the top layer of paper and sewed it closed. That left me at a wearable paper skirt that needed to be hemmed, needed a paper waistband and a steampunky bustle.

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  1. Anne Glovier said,

    Very awesome. You did a really good job!! I especially like the picture of you taking a picture of yourself in the skirt. Your face is pure concentration! So sweet. lol

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