August 1, 2011

Paper Skirt Part 2

Posted in Crafty Liz, Dragon Con 2011 at 6:17 pm by wangeli

Now that you’ve seen what I wanted to make – Here’s what I actually created…

Starting with Phase 1: Protectin’ the Booty.

Here’s what I’ve learned at DragonCon. The costume you go in wearing is not the costume that you leave with. Things break, fall off, stretch and rip. So you’ve got to expect that at some point, you will be walking down Peachtree St with less on then you had planned to.

Here’s the problem – my “look” is going to be made from paper. And not card stock, glossy magazine or even newspaper. I decided to use thin, crinkly white pages paper. Because it had a nice pretty uniformity of type and colors. And because I had a telephone book sitting in the middle of my living room. Kismet….

So yeah – some of the thinnest paper you can get free was suppose to be covering my butt. At Dragon Con. With Murphy’s Law and Drunks out in FULL Force. It was time to initiate Operation: Keep the Booty Under Wraps (also known as what the flip is gonna go under my skirt?). And I wanted to paper skirt to be all bouncy and fluffy like a tutu – so support was needed.

And that’s why for Phase 1, I made a skirt out of fabric. I bought a cheap (really cheap) pattern for a poofy skirt with a wide waist band. I, then, proceeded to follow about 2 of the instructions. I decided that I didn’t need to line or use interfacing – since this was basically the lining for my actual skirt. And then I decided that I needed multiple layers of fabric. Oh and instead of hemming, I folded the fabric under the skirt to create a bubble skirt. Then I added mesh (I should have gotten thick netting, but the mesh was a Dollar a yard.  A Dollar)… So yeah – I hacked myself a skirt to go under my skirt to make my paper fluffy and cover my butt.

And this is what that looked like (not very sexy):


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