July 29, 2011


Posted in Lolz at 7:15 pm by wangeli

So at the prompting of my friends, Jane and Kelley, I got Pepper her very own Tailored-To-Cats DVD to watch while I’m at work. And I think I accidentally turned my cat into a tv-obsessed couch potato. Seriously, she just sits around watching tiny hamsters and birds. Madness.

Very Focused

She now sits like this in front of any tv that’s on. No matter what I’m watching… It’s kinda creepy. And it makes me want to say to her what I always heard growing up, “Don’t sit to close to the TV. You’ll go blind!” Not like she’d listen to me…

Oh and when she wants the tv turned on, she’ll pat at it. No matter what I’m doing, if she wants to watch tv, she’ll pat it. Even if I’m already watching a people show!

In other news – I want one of these. All for myself. Not to share… nom cake pops!


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