July 27, 2011

Another Post! What The!

Posted in Lolz, Places I've Been at 9:09 pm by wangeli

Wow another post and in the same month! I’m on Fire!! It’s cuz someone at work fed me tasty edamane… mmm Japanese brain food!

Today’s post is dug straight out of my camera’s picture vault…. Ahh cyber memory – thanks for hanging onto those pictures for me. So I’m not a giant sports fan – I love my teams, but let’s face it… Sporty Spice I am not. Having said that – I really enjoy going to Roller Derby games. I don’t get the rules and I’m not entirely sure that I consistently cheer for the same team. But I like sitting on the floor, I like drinking and there is always something to watch for easily distracted me! Laura and I tricked her brother, Jon, Andrew and some other guy (Cody) to a Roller Derby game in the beginning the spring by telling them about fishnet stockings and girl on girl violence. We didn’t tell them that we didn’t know anything about the rules until after they had bought tickets…. Still, we had a great time, did a little stalking and got free Red Bull. A Win for everyone.


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