July 24, 2011

Projects Ahoy!

Posted in Crafty Liz, Lolz at 4:56 pm by wangeli

So I’m still not sure if I’ve gotten my Facebook/Wordpress problem sorted. If you’re on Facebook and you see that I’ve posted something! Woot – Liz Won! Leave me a comment to let me know this worked.

If you don’t see this – then I guess it just doesn’t exist. In that case, please send me  a Facebook expert (ie a 12 year old) to fix whatever I’ve broken. And if it is broken – then I blame the monkeys. ’nuff said!

So I’ve been full of To Do lists and unfilled promises. But hey – aren’t you getting use this? I like to bit off more than I can chew and let’s face it, I really don’t know how many hours there are in a day. It seems like the answer is always going to be NOT ENOUGH! So yeah, not enough posts from me. My wordpress is a dusty sad thing. And I’m going to stop lying to you and tell you that I’m going to get better. However – I will promise that I am BUSY! And making stuff. So there are pictures and stories floating out in Real Life. They just haven’t made it to my cyber existence yet.

But here’s something I’ve done: Shabby Apple had a contest to put together a cute outfit with their cute clothes. First off, I like a clothing company that encourages people to dress for their shape. Everyone is always shocked at how much I weight – not because my body is an optical illusion, but because I generally dress for my shape. I buy clothes that hide my extra round spots but discreetly show off my assets. Well sometimes. Sometimes I let it all hang out… but I’m working on it. So having sad all of that – I created an outfit that I thought was AWESOME. And, if you’re wondering, I’m really into Green right now… must buy more green clothes and shoes… no stopping me 🙂

Shabby Apple Dream Outfit!

So now that I’ve shown you some Fancy Liz clothes – I’m going to tell you about Project 1: Wearing Heels. I’ve gotten totally out of the habit of wearing high heels – in fact, I now have an entire second shoe collection of flats. But I’m breaking out the heels – so I can get use to them in time for Dragon Con. It’s all about Priorities people! So If you see me limping or tottering around town  – well applaud my effort to break in my feet before Labor Day. 🙂


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  1. Pamela Wang said,

    Your post showed up on facebook…huzzah! 😀 Cute blog! Love it! Keep blogging!

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