June 23, 2011

A Quick Lizism

Posted in Lolz at 3:54 pm by wangeli

So I love my new job – for many reasons. But here’s the one that came up today.

I’m being extra quiet at my desk right now, not because I’m feeling particularly mousey or anything. But because there is a girl sleeping on the couch. At first, I thought she was a really big pillow and then she moved. So what does this have to do with the love? Well 1: I support a job that allows naps. Hey – it’s my lunch hour and if I want to spend it drooling on a pillow then, as long as my snores don’t wake ya, leave me be. 2: That’s what  I think couches are for – sleeping. Okay, to be honest, I think everything has sleep potential. I spent one night – a very long time ago, curled up in a ball on a counter in a Men’s Dressing room… You probably think there should be more to this story, but there’s not. So Job, you have won my heart with your sleepy-time couch!

Moving along, I am freakin’ freezing. There must be something wrong me with, because it’s June in Atlanta and I’ve got a blanket covering me up to my nose. I love the south and I wouldn’t want to work somewhere without AC, but this is killing me… Last night I was so freakin’ cold that I put my winter PJs on. And it’s the summer time – so I know it’s hot out there… But too cold in here. I guess I’m going to put on some socks 😦

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