May 5, 2011

My Likes List

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So I don’t normally talk about music that I like – my taste, at best, can be described as eclectic…

But I just got Lupe Fiasco’s new album – Lasers and I love it. I liked his first album because he rapped about playing Super Mario Brothers and well… I’m a nerd so that was Awesome!

His new album is more polished and less teenage boy… but I really like it. It might be ironic that I’ve got this album the same time that Osama was killed, but I love Words I Never Said. Here’s a quote “Ain’t that ain’t Jersey Shore. Only that’s the news. And these the same people supposedly telling us the news… I’m a part of the problem. My problem is I’m peaceful. And I believe in the people.”

I particularly like his version of The Show Must Go On.

But given the harsh times we’re in right now, with people being as foolish as they are and sitting in a nation that politically torn and in a state that’s suffering from devastation after devastation – I’ve been listening to “All Black Everything”. “Built it up together, so we’re equally important…. See I fell asleep and I had a dream…”


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  1. Raul said,

    “For you must be educated when you go against the grain” heard that from his first album and took those words to heart.

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