April 25, 2011

The Dress Project – Progression

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:32 am by wangeli

So I’ve been hard at work – mostly unpacking… But I got a little bit done on The Dress Project. I’ve got two of my outfits sew together and now I’m getting to work on the fun part – Decorating! They haven’t turned out like Steampunk Couture – but I’m going to keep trying.

In the realm of Steamy awesomeness – I just heard about TeslaCon. This is a Steampunk convention in Madision. Everyone comes in costume (!!!) and Gail Carrigan is going to be there (!!!). So now I think I want to go to. And it’s not until Nov – so no need to make a commitment yet… In other steamy news – no progress has been made on my DragonCon costumes… I must get started or I will be facing a very very rough August… ick. But I am steampunking my house – or at least planning on doing it. I finally figured out my “character” I’m a Scientific Gentle-Explorer – I know it sounds like a mix of everything. And it is. But I’m integrating a lot of science-y stuff, like test-tubes and beakers and robots and I am keeping all of my themed-travel stuff (“from the Orient and Abroad”) but I like those little touches of sophistication (rich fabrics, curtains, etc). So Hopefully figuring out how to put this together in my house will help me figure out my Steampunk look. Or I’ll keep doing things the way I have – using whatever I like, however I want to. They both work!

Okay so here’s some pictures of my dresses…

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