April 13, 2011

What a week for Set Backs

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:14 pm by wangeli

Well this has been one heck of a week… I’ve definitely spent more time moving backwards than forwards on my projects and my life in general.
So the stupid giant couch doesn’t look like it will fit thru the door. And Uncle Sam has come around, looking for his pound of flesh. Then to add injury to insult – my harddrive died in a flash of glory. So I’ve lost all of my pictures, notes, work and music. Basically my life.
So with that in mind – I’m going to be spending my spare time 1)moving into my apartment and 2) trying to recover whatever I can piece together from other computers and sources. The future is looking like bleak today.

But I’m a proud owner of a DropBox and will now keep my important things in the cyber realm. And one of my tech-master friend (And evil overlord? who knows?) is going to take a look at it, so fingers crossed. And yes, I’ve learned the lesson about eggs and baskets.

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