March 25, 2011

New Couch

Posted in Apartment, Crafty Liz at 4:41 am by wangeli

So Laura was driving home from work the other day and saw a couch on the curb. She knew I got rid of my last couch and totally needed a new one… and this one looked pretty steampunky – with a little imagination.

Well the stars aligned and a few friends helped me grab the couch from the side of the road. We did a little googling and found it that before its curb days, it was actually a very nice couch. And expensive. It was from the Horchow collection.

So now that we’ve got it home – I just need to get it some TLC. But that I mean I need to rip it apart and figure out what is still usable. Oh yeah and how to reupholster a couch. So you’ll see how that goes, because the instructions say I should take lots of pictures. Mostly so I know what went were.

Okay – so here is the couch.. as it was and as it is. I think If the foam isn’t filled with raccoons then I might have a really nice place to sit.


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