March 23, 2011

Happy Days are here! Again!

Posted in Apartment, Big Changes, Happy News at 2:14 am by wangeli

Ahh there is something about Spring… I’m drugged to the hilt with my allergy medicine! There is Spring in the Air. And I’ve started a new job.

I love my new job – of course, they give me snacks and sodas! And they play with Nerf guns!! And their office is totally steampunk. It is awesome!! But enough about that… seriously – there is more good news.

So… After a while of floating on Laura’s couch and looking, but not loving, new apartments – I’ve finally found a new place. So in the future, I will have a new apartment. What does that mean for you? It totally means that you’re going to get some new decorating posts! And since Laura isn’t pushing me out the door (Yet), I can slowly move in. Yippee!! Maybe I’ll steampunk my new place… maybe…

So look forward to that readers!

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