March 10, 2011

Winter in Hothlanta

Posted in History, Holidays at 7:46 am by wangeli

So it snowed here.. and even though it wasn’t more than a few inches, it created some CRAZINESS! Besides people being crazy, the whole city shut down for a few days. So Laura and I celebrated the city-wide staycation with a few romps in the snow and a short walk (not drive, cuz the roads were undriveable) to the grocery store to see the madness. And we were out of cat food – and you don’t want to be trapped in a house with a hungry cat.

The snow wasn’t so bad, but it would get warm during the day and melt the top of the snow. Then at night, it would go below freezing and everything that melted would turn to ice. The first day was nice – lots of snow and not a big deal. But the following days were awful – the roads got worst and there just wasn’t anything you could do. But It made for great pictures and a Facebook full of Snow Posts.


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