March 10, 2011

I am JoCo Crazy

Posted in Places I've Been at 7:18 am by wangeli

IF you’re a true web guy or girl or a huge fan of the game Portal or just a nerdy kid, then you know who Jonathan Coulton is. He wrote the title song to the Code Monkey cartoon and the credit song to Portal and so many other lyrical bits of awesome. If you’re one of my hipster friends or family, you probably have no clue what I’m talking about. So go to and listen to My Beige Bear, I’m Your Moon or My Monkey and know that the world is a happier place.

One of the best things about being less than fully employed, And having Geek friends, is that you can go to concerts and enjoy nerd rock. And I dragged a few of my JoCo virgin friends with me. So Thanks Laura, Stevie, Paul and Steven for being soft-rocked with me. Oh and even more thanks to Steven for taking all of the not shaky pictures, you’re about to enjoy. As for the concert itself, it was awesome. Paul and Storm opened and, as usual, misbehaved. Sadly there weren’t any sperms or Rs on sticks, but we did make the Captain’s Wife’s Lament go on way past time. And, even though Jonathan had a tickle in his throat, he put on a fantastic show. And give us enough medical information about the back of his throat to make me never use Web MD. So enough talking – let’s look at pretty pictures!

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