March 10, 2011

Hi Internet World – I’m back!

Posted in Big Changes, Happy News at 6:46 am by wangeli

So I know that I haven’t been around in a while… a long while… And I’m sure most of the internet has forgotten that I’m alive. Sorry about that. But I’ll be honest with you. First, if it wasn’t for my sudden and very unusual bout of insomnia, I wouldn’t be updating this blog at this point. And I really only write for myself… and my mom… oh yeah and you 😉

I guess you want to know what has brought me back – well it’s good news!! After a very long time being sadly laid off – I’ve found a new job that doesn’t involve trays and does include health insurance. I start next week and I’m a little nervous, but hoping for more good days then bad. And a stash of M&Ms. I am excited to show off my new tea drinking abilities in an office setting.

And there is more good news – now that I have a job, I can move off of my friend’s couch and into my own home. I’ve actually found a few that I like, but as always, am having commitment issues. But you know how much I like moving into a new place!! And I’ve been inspired by Steampunk Home ( – so I may bring my new steampunking hobby into more than just my clothes. So hopefully I’ll have awesome pictures of a new place to post.

But in the months and months that I’ve been gone, I have gone out and done stuff. And, since I’m up anyways, I guess I’ll post a few updates! Enjoy!!


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