November 3, 2010

IF I had a million dollars

Posted in Steampunk tagged , , , , at 2:49 am by wangeli

So I’ve got tons of experience and interest that don’t really work together. I’m a bartender/server/manager with a decent background in scheduling, party bookings and ordering. I love decorating (home), metal working, steam punk, and sewing. Oh yeah and I’m an out of work advertising writer – so I know how to sell and I heart NerdiGras (Dragon Con/nerds)… So what can you do with all of this? Have an exciting and unrelated private life will paying my bills with mundane skills. Yeah that’s what I do now.

But if I had a million dollars I would totally open my own themed bar. It would be like the GasLamp League in the Castle Punked episode.
I know – no million dollars…but wouldn’t it be cool? Maybe only if you were a nerd/steam punker/ nerd lover. Or, if I had the right staff and atmosphere – we’d appeal to seriously cool, but not pretentiously thinking they were cool, people. I would totally have costume/prop classes on Monday and Tuesday, Whatever on Wednesday, Themed nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Tourist night on Sunday.

Too bad opening a bar requires money, a building, liquor licenses and are more likely to fail than succeed in the first year. And I’m not that connected into the Steampunk Scene that I could guarantee enough of a crowd to make profits every day.

But if anyone has money to burn and needs an idea – come talk to me. Cuz I’ve got an Awesome idea. And nerds are fun to hang out with.

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