September 27, 2010

Next Up… AnchroCrawl

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:59 pm by wangeli

So the next big Event on my Calendar is Taste of Atlanta and AnchroCrawl Pub Crawl. I’m super excited – one about the free food at Taste of Atlanta… I always find a new restaurant to be obsessed with. And the first Taste of Atlanta was Andrew and my first official date.

But besides that – AnchroCon! So this is an Atlanta Steampunk pub crawl. I’m super excited to go to another steampunk event. And Extraordinary Contraption is going to be performing at the end! So my big dilemma is natural – what to wear? My previous costumes needed some real work. My Dress (seen in previous posts) was cute – but 1. I’ve already worn it and 2. it’s not really really steamy. And my 2 vest outfits were missing a few things to make it awesomely Steam Punk.

So what was I wondering was – Fix up an old outfit? Or make a new one? What do you – the interweb audience think?


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