June 6, 2009

I *heart* JoCo

Posted in Happy News at 2:31 pm by wangeli

Yippee – Pantlanta is graced with another Paul and Storm and Jonathon Coulton experience. For anyone who doesn’t know who these people are – go to YouTube!

Paul and Storm are a 2 man band that mixes comedy, jingles and mild rock. It was pretty awesome, even if they ran a bit over… Their first song is We are the opening act that resulted in some panties and a frying pan (!!??!!) being thrown up on stage. That was pretty cool. And there were prizes given out which was also cool. And there last song was about pirates, involved audience participation (Arrgh!) and someone made signs. It was all pretty cool.

JoCo was awesome. He does geek rock – you should check him out at jonathoncoulton.com. He soft rocked the audience, used his 20000 dollar contraption and talked about getting out there and doing more (hey it’s my new years resolution!) As always it was awesome! A great way to spend the evening.

And I started out my night by seeing my friend Duncan’s new and old pads… He lives in the converted school Bass Lofts. And it was neat, his new place is filled with potential and boxes and his old place had all of his art work like a gallery. Very Very Cool.


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