June 4, 2009

A Week In Biloxi

Posted in Vacation at 4:43 am by wangeli

So what did I learn in the week I spent in Biloxi??

1. I am not a gambler… I don’t enjoy it unless it goes out of it’s way to entertain me. Otherwise it just feels like I’m throwing money away. But I do like free drinks, even if I only drink Cherry Cokes and I like Monopoly.

2. Swimming pools are cold after it rains for a week. I mean like crazy cold. Like Lake Michigan cold. And it doesn’t matter how much sun you get – that water is still cold.

3. There is such a thing as too many Waffle Houses… Biloxi is trying to test that limit.

4. SPF 30 is not enough SPF for me… and you need to reapply sunblock. No I did not know that, but like my tan lines, it’s not something I will soon forget.

5. 5 days without WiFi is too many. 5 days without internet is impossible… I will break down and pay the $25 for a single stingy day of hulu and emails.

6. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing…. It’s called 4 days of All You Can Eat Buffets…

7. Everyone gets car sick in the back of my car… even me. A very serious design flaw.

So Biloxi was beautiful and a little distressing… you can see the damage from Katrina everywhere. Gulfport is nothing but a few houses, roads and foundations. But everywhere you see signs of rebuilding, from the carved tree stumps to the bright lights of the Casinos.

Onto the pictures. Here is Event 1: Breakfast Buffet!

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